"Well, that's just, like, your opinion, man."


11/10/14, 8:37 PM

I saw Interstellar this afternoon, and I can say it was a generally positive experience. It's looong, and could probably stand a little editing. There's not too much explanatory exposition given the complexity of the plot, but it does get a bit wordy.

I've read some things about the science in the movie, and I have to believe Kip Thorne generally knows what he's talking about, but my guess is he's no rocket scientist, nor even an aeronautical engineer.

I can't really write too much about the movie without kind of ruining the plot, though science fiction fans will probably figure out where this movie is going pretty early on.

But I can sort of sigh about the Newtonian(!) physics.

Yes, if you put a big enough engine on it, pretty much anything can "fly." But I'm not buying "bricks" flying from a planetary surface to orbit. Sorry.

And I can't believe they weren't embarrassed by this one: If a Ranger spacecraft can take off from the surface of a planet with gravity greater than Earth's and reach orbit, then why, oh why, did the same spacecraft require a two-stage (Saturn V stock footage, thank you) rocket booster to leave Earth?

And don't get me going on the fuel thing. Or how anything landed on Edmund's.

But I did like the movie.