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This Just In...

2/23/15, 7:33 PM

In blogging news, Dr. James Vornov is returning to more active blogging as related in this post!

Happy days!

Movie Notes

2/23/15, 6:18 PM

I should make a category for this sort of thing. Maybe I'll call it, "Movie Notes."

Anyway, moving on.

I saw Still Alice last week at a special showing for the Alzheimer's Association, Central and North Florida Chapter. I wrote a bit of a long post on Facebook, which I shall not repeat here, about how Alzheimer's has become more of a part of my life. (Not me, at least not that I'm aware anyway! And no one in my immediate family.) The movie is good, but I understand the book was better. Julianne Moore gave a wonderful performance, basically carried most of the movie. I'm pleased she got the Oscar. It's worth seeing, but it's very sad, and a story that is being told in too many families.

In happier news, Mitzi and I saw St. Vincent last weekend. It's the kind of role that you have to believe was written for Bill Murray. Maybe it was. Maybe everybody already knows that except me! I don't know. You've seen this movie before, but this is one is pretty damn good and will hold your interest. It's not utterly sentimental, but it'll leave you with a good feeling. Jaeden Lieberher as Oliver, the kid, is excellent.

We also saw Lucy. Utter bullshit from Luc Besson, but hey, it had Scarlett Johansson and some entertaining special effects. I kind of liked it, though I had to grit my teeth through the premise and Morgan Freeman's seemingly endless recitation of sophomoric nonsense about "the brain." It was kind of like The Fifth Element, only not as much fun.

John Wick is a fun "gun-fu" action flick. If you don't like violence, as in people getting repeatedly shot in the face, then probably best to give it a pass. But if you like comic-book style action, think Shoot 'Em Up, (which was, admittedly, a farce) then you'll probably like this. And I pretty much like Keanu Reeves in anything. Sue me.

The Equalizer was a disappointment. I liked the 80s TV show it was based on, this is nothing like it. Denzel Washington is looking a bit thick these days. He's seemingly invulnerable in this. The Russian mob guys are the worst sort of evil. The violence is over-the-top graphic. Man on Fire is a much better movie with a similar plot and a Denzel we actually care about. Unless you're really into this sort of action movie, or a big Denzel fan, I'd say give it a pass.

Fading Gigolo was something of a surprise from a couple of years ago. Written, directed and starring John Turturro, and Woody Allen, I thought it was going to be a farce. Instead, it was a quiet little comedic drama. It helped that Mitzi is Jewish and helped me understand the context. Recommended.

We also watched a few classics over the weekend. Erin Brockovich holds up well. I hadn't seen it in years and enjoyed seeing it again. True Crime was new to me. I think Clint Eastwood cast all his old friends in that movie, there were so many familiar character actors! It was okay, not great.

That's probably enough for now.

Moon, Venus and Mars

2/23/15, 5:59 PM

Photo of an asterism of the Moon, Venus and Mars on 20 February 2015.

Tried to post this at The Online Photographer in response to a query on his blog whether anyone had taken a good photo of the Moon, Venus and Mars. I don't know how to link in TypePad comments, so I'll just post it here.