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Configuration Control

19:53 Monday, 22 April 2024
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While I was up in New York, I had my MBP with me and Captain's Log was running. I discovered I hadn't installed the Automator application MidwatchEntry on the MBP!

So I'm in my office, in the recliner, I logged into the iMac, copied the app over to the MBP and quit Tinderbox on the iMac and launched it on the MBP. I'll check tomorrow morning to make sure everything ran according to plan.

I spoke to my sister the nurse this evening, and learned that all of Mom's OTC pain relievers were expired by three years or more. My brother is doing her grocery shopping Wednesday and he'll be getting some fresh supplies. Mom has been instructed how much to take and how often to see if we can't get her some relief. It never occurred to me to check her OTC pain meds.

Mom has an issue where her right arm is too painful to move sometimes. It seems to come and go, but it happens often enough that she's too embarrassed to eat at the bistro with her friends, because she has to try to eat with one hand, and her non-dominant one at that. It seems that other things that worried me aren't necessarily problems yet.

In other news, I enjoy watching the Project Farm YouTube channel, and one of the videos I watched early this morning was this one, where he tested a number of different manufacturers' NiMH AA batteries. To date, I've used Panasonic Eneloops exclusively, but the Amazon Basics performed identically in the tests. He makes a point of mentioning that the batteries manufactured in Japan consistently outperformed the ones made in China, and the Amazon brand performed nearly identically to the Envelops.

So I ordered 24 Amazon Basics High Capacity AA NiMH rechargeables. Well, they arrived this evening(!) and looking at the labels, I see they're made in Malaysia. I checked the Project Farm video date, and it was made about four years ago. I went looking for a more recent video that tested Amazon Basics and found one from about year ago. The date of manufacture of the batteries I received is 11/22, which is after the recording of this video ("TylerTube"), where the Amazon Basics performed better than the others. So I'm fairly confident these will perform well.

I use the Panasonic BQ-CC65 "Advanced" charger, which can condition batteries. It managed to restore a couple of Apple NiMH batteries I had from either a Magic Mouse a track pad or keyboard or something. I had two pairs of those batteries (Probably more, but they'd gone missing.) and it was unable to restore one pair, but I've been using the other pair successfully and they're years old. (How many? I'd be guessing, but probably close to a decade.) I just reviewed the instruction, and the condition function will display battery capacity as well, so maybe I'll try a comparison test.

I have some old radios that rely on D-cell batteries, so I bought a bunch of EBL D-cells year ago. Based on everything I've seen regarding EBL AAs, they probably won't perform up to their specification. I bought 8 Amazon Basic D-cells and maybe I'll do a little comparison test.

I'd like to get a charger that was powered from USB-C PD, then I could recharge from either of my Anker PD power banks, or the Bluetti batteries.

Well, here's hoping I sleep well tonight. It's not like retired guys have to be "productive" or anything, but there are some things I'd like to get accomplished before Mitzi gets back on Saturday. It's a lot easier when my ass isn't draggin'.

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Sky Wake

11:52 Monday, 22 April 2024
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Disturbed area in the cloud layer presumably left by an aircraft descening below the layer

Despite being pretty tired from the early morning, I didn't sleep well last night. Got up around 0400 and watched YouTube videos about battery charging and NiMH batteries.

As one does.

Went for my walk, had breakfast and took a nap.

Spent the last couple of hours looking at how to apply for VA benefits for Mom. I think I've got it mostly figured out, but naturally, it's confusing. Probably should have done this a year ago, but I wasn't aware of it. My wife's sister-in-law informed me yesterday when I was talking to Mitzi. She just went through it for her mom. Need to coordinate with my siblings, but waiting to hear from my sister the nurse.

Anyway, saw this from the window yesterday and thought it was interesting. As usual, I took too many photos from the window. I suspect this is a disturbance in the cloud layer left by an aircraft that descended below the cloud layer heading into Detroit.

Stuff I don't see every day.

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