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Walking Around With a Camera


This is a shared Photo Stream from iCloud. I can easily upload pictures here from my iPhone or iPad, and, for me, replaces much of the utility of Instagram and Facebook pictures.

What I would like to try to do eventually is create a little Javascript widget on the main page that grabs the latest image in the stream, resizes it and posts it on the main page. Ideally, it would also be able to add it to the RSS feed.

Nice Marmot at SmugMug


Nice Marmot Galleries

I still have an account at Flickr, but I'm disinclined to use it very much since it's gone "free." I signed up for SmugMug, though I have some reservations about their business model as well. But, for the time being, it appears to be more transparent than Flickr.

I'll use SmugMug for more thematically related gallery type pages.