"Yeah, well, you know, that's just like, uh, your opinion, man."

Time, tide and formation wait for no man


It's been a busy week here at Nice Marmot World Headquarters.

I have been persuaded to seek political office! This entails, as one might expect, a certain amount of paperwork and an unfamiliar maze of rules and regulations.

There's kind of a boot-strapping process to run for office. Since this is such a late start (last day to qualify is June 12), I have to submit a filing fee to run. Since I'm running for for a seat in the Florida House of Representatives, here in district 17, that filing fee is $1800.

Once you file the paperwork to declare yourself a candidate, you may then name a campaign treasurer and identify a financial institution to handle your campaign account. As luck would have it, you can name yourself as your treasurer, because it's a fair amount of work and also a fair amount of exposure if you get it wrong.

I've been stumbling my way through all that, coached and assisted by some committed activists, so it's not like I don't have help.

There will be a campaign web site, eventually. That takes money, and a debit card. I need to get the qualifying fee first though, and I've put in $500 of my own money to get started. I hate to ask folks for cash if I'm not willing to put up my own.

Anyway, this is a marker post so that the home page isn't just a test post.

Here's a link to my DonorBox fundraising site. I will have an ActBlue account, but they take longer to get set up and that process is underway.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day, and if you're so inlined, hit up the donor page and pitch in!